Community Solutions

Soli Printing has always been committed to helping the non-profit organizations in our community. For this reason, in 1991, we developed the PressRun® program, a way, for non-profit organizations to recieve free printing services and products. As a Soli Printing client, you can participate.

Give Back to our Community with PRESSRUN®

When you become a regular Business Account Customer we’ll allocate 2% of every invoice payment to PressRun®. Your company can donate it to your designated 501(c)(3) not-for-profit(s) in your name.  Each month that your company is invoiced for printing services a PressRun® check will be sent to your favorite, eligible, not-for-profit(s) listing the contributions made.  You designate, we donate – a great way for SOLI PRINTING customers like you to help out not-for-profit(s) at no cost – and the reward is priceless.

Learn More About PressRun

PressRun® checks limited to 50% of invoice.