Soli Printing offers complete Digital Workflow Systems. Utilizing either high resolution PDF or PostScript files, our Prepress Technicians can generate a color matched proof to ensure color accuracy on the press. This digital integrity will not only speed the printing process but create higher quality presswork, unwanted variation, more consistency on reprints, and less waste by reducing make-readies.


  • Virtual Proofing Software
  • PDF
  • KODAK color matched proofs
  • Digital bluelines
  • Color copy lasers
  • Black and white laser prints
  • Indigo™ Digital prints

Output Media

  • Kodak metal plates
  • Polyester plates
  • Indigo™ Digital prints
  • Color copy lasers
  • Black and white laser prints

PDF Requirements

  • Must be high resolution
  • CMYK or Pantone colors only
  • Correct size
  • Include bleeds if applicable
  • Fonts must be embedded
  • No changes expected