Media (CD/DVD)

In the vast ocean of Internet media suppliers, it’s so easy to quickly become overwhelmed, or lost at sea, so to speak. At SOLI PRINTING, we provide smooth sailing as your comprehensive media partner. Let us synchronize your marketing with media printing, duplication and custom packaging.

We’ll always treat you like a big fish in a small pond with personal and expert attention, as well as competitive pricing, without all the hassle.  No sharks in this tank!

CD/DVD Printing

Add some “WOW” to your media with high quality, full-color, on-disc printing!  SOLI PRINTING uses only state-of-the-art equipment to ensure all the details in your branding shine through.

Need help with a design?  No problem!  SOLI PRINTING offers our customers full design and prepress services.  Our technicians can assist with every aspect of your media project.

CD/DVD Duplication

The duplication process is used to manufacture smaller runs of CD’s and/or DVD’s, meaning quantities less than 500.

How it works:

You provide us with a master CD or DVD.  We “burn” your content directly onto blank recordable discs (CD-R, DVD-R).  Have a preference for a certain brand of media to be used for your project?  Let us know your expectations and we can make it happen!

There are no minimums, so even if you need only one we can help!