Project Guidelines

When submitting files that Soli Printing will output, you should:

  • Include copies of fonts with your project files
  • Use PostScript fonts or high resolution PDFs for best quality
  • Send all original graphics files with the job and save with proper extensions
  • Enclose a mockup of your project

General Rules of Thumb When Saving Graphics Files

Graphics make your document more appealing, but they do increase the complexity of the printing process. Most page layout programs do not embed the actual image files in your document when you place an image on a page. Instead, the program actually links the graphic file to your document. Without the graphic file itself, the image will print poorly. Some common graphics formats include; .tif, .jpeg, .eps, .bmp, and .wmf.

If your document includes graphics, then you may want to consult with our design staff about specific questions that you may have.

For most situations the following suggestions will be helpful when saving images:

  • You will need a software program such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to edit your graphics.
  • File Extensions: High-resolution .jpeg, .tif or .eps file extensions should work for the majority of printing situations and software programs.
  • Resolution: Photography should be saved at 300 dpi; line art should be saved at 600 dpi. Avoid downloading images from the Internet for use in printing – such images are saved at 72 dpi and are not suitable for use in the printing process.

Color Mode

  • For full-color printing, your image file should be saved as CMYK.
  • For black-ink printing, your file should be saved as grayscale.
  • For printing using colored inks, your files should be saved with the appropriate Pantone (PMS) color(s).

Preparing Your Print Project

Download this checklist (PDF format) to help you prepare your printing projects for Soli Printing and avoid problems later.

Download Checklist