Copyright Info

As your business printing partner, Soli Printing has a commitment to service. However, by law we cannot reproduce any work with a trademark, service mark or registration without written permission from the copyright owner or publisher. Our staff cannot scan copyrighted images; recreate a copyrighted document or copy computer programs, fonts or other protected electronic files. Click each item below to determine what materials are unlawful to photocopy without permission or must be photocopied in a specific way.

Restricted Materials

Restricted materials such as different mediums of exchange and identification may be copied, but only in very specific ways.

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Trademarked Materials

Companies carry trademarks on their identity pieces such as logos, phrases, and merchandise names.

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Copyright / Trademark Permission Request

Give this form to your SOLI PRINTING Customer Service Representative and receive a FREE FAX (within the U.S.) to the copyright/trademark owner.

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